About The GRB Babes...

Georgia Rose Bikinis was founded and started by Georgia Rose Hussein in 2015.

Georgia and her team of sparklers create & design made-to-order fitness competition bikinis as well as custom designed swimwear in our pink paradise studio in Surrey.

We are fast becoming one of the most popular stage bikini companies in the UK and beyond. Size & fit is what we pride ourselves on, and we love having our customers come down to the studio for fittings! We love what we do and that is portrayed in all the tiny details of your bikini.


About me... I fell into the fitness world in my early 20’s whilst studying fashion at uni and I knew I was capable of creating my own bikini, surely! I owe a lot of thanks to my Auntie who runs a ice skating costume company whom at the time taught me how to sew with stretch fabrics (This part I did not learn at uni!) After many wrestles with elastic I got the hang of it and threw together my first couple of suits I wore on stage.

After realising I enjoyed creating these masterpieces of bikinis rather than competing myself, I thought this could be a hobby for me. A couple years after my hobby turned into an actual job, GR Biknis became a brand! It has now been some years of trial & error, sourcing materials, fabrics, suppliers to perfecting my craft- and I am always looking to improve.

I have now supplied hundreds and hundreds of girls custom suits & swimwear. I am so excited to see where this brand can take me and the best part is meeting all my incredible clients, from all walks of life along the way. I hope you too join our army of GR babes!

Love, G xx