Georgia Rose Bikinis was officially founded in 2015 by Head Designer Georgia Rose Hussein. Whist upholding her passion within the fashion industry after studying at UCA, she successfully trialled and tested an array of fabrics, creating complex pieces and continually developed her pattern cutting and sewing skills. She later fell into the disciplined world of fitness whereby she met people from all walks of life, different shapes and sizes; and they were all covered in crystals… Georgia Rose has always (and will continue to be) passionate about people, so the idea struck her to create something personal, something beautiful and something that would make a person feel as though they looked the best that they could possibly be. Four years later and approximately 800,000 rhinestones and over 300 bikinis later, Georgia and her professional team of sparklers have continued to provide clients with a first-class service, catering their needs and producing bespoke bikinis with a beautiful hand-made quality.